Death ... Death
Death comes sweeping down
Filthy Death the leering clown
Death on wings ... Death by surprise
Veiling evil through worldly eyes
Death that's born as life succumbs
While death and love, two kindred drums
Keep the time till judgement actor in a passion play
Without beginning ... Without end

Thirteen Messengers of Death

*** The Rules ***

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** Updates **

18:00 Thursday 3rd June ... No reports of any deaths as of yet. Is this a case of apathy, or cold hearted methodical planning?
Crouching Hippy Hidden Duck did not turn up to collect his contract - if anybody kills him, please call me and I'll arrange for you to get a text message with the identity of your next target.

12:00 Saturday 5th June ... In a spectacular display of ineptitude/apathy, the following have proved themselves unworthy of the assassins ring: Madame Butterfly, Cabinet Killer, Poison Kitty, Sidearm and Nasty Kitty. These sad individuals are now turned over to the Inquisition and should be killed as soon as possible, in the messiest, humiliating ways possible as punishment for being so crap.

23:30 Saturday 5th June ... While looting Bumnut's appartment, Cabinet Killer was ambushed by Inquisition member 003b and killed by poison gas.

01:00 Sunday 6th June ... While out celebrating her expulsion from the Assassins ring, Poison Kitty was hunted down by Inquisition member 003, and swiftly became Poisoned Kitty after another gas attack.

03:30 Sunday 6th June ... after succesfully killing Inquisition member 003a at Birdbrain's flat, and 003b in an attack on her own dwelling, Nasty Kitty was eventually tracked down in the street and gassed to death by Inquisition member 003c.

12:00 Monday 7th June ... WE GOT A WINNER! Beardless was expelled from the ring at 12:00 today, thus Crouching Hippy Hidden Duck became the winner of Assassins 3. Congratulations!!! 4 points remain available for killing Sidearm or Madame Butterfly. I'll update the site with the final results when their deaths are eventually confirmed.

22:30 Wednesday 9th June - While out partying, Madame Butterfly, sole survivor of Assassins 2, was unceremoniously killed in a gas attack by Inquisition member 003c. The only renegade left alive now is Sidearm. Huge thanks to everybody who put time and effort into getting this organized. And to the few of you who went out of your way to get into the spirit of things.

No further games planned.

1st Assassination

Time of Kill: 18:45 Thursday June 3rd
Victim: Desolation_Doll
Assassin: This Idle Man
Location: The Bassment
Weapon: Water Pistol
Witnesses: Early evening boozers

Picture if you will - This Idle Man hurrying furtively towards 'The Bassment', where Desolation Doll sits waiting for Birdbrain to join her for dinner/tea. Birdbrain spots This Idle Man, and realising that his intention is to kill Desolation Doll, calls her on his mobile in an attempt to alert her of her approaching doom.

Unfortunately for Desolation Doll, her phone is on silent and her possible salvation unheeded.

Despite nursing a nasty fingerwound (apparently caused by a raisin cut), This Idle man proceded to 'The Bassment' with murder on his mind. His target had made the cardinal error of sitting with her back to the door, thus did not see her killer approach. After a swift one liner (please remind me), Desolation Doll was unceremoniously shot dead in her seat. And so first blood was claimed.

2nd Assassination

Time of Kill: 12:45 Friday June 4th
Victim: Mike 'The Hype' Lowrey
Assassin: The Clap
Location: McColls
Weapon: Water Pistol
Witnesses: Shoppers?

A report from a net enabled phonebooth confirms that Mike 'The Hype' Lowrey was assassinated today in his place of work. This was a rather low-key assassination. 'The Clap' walked up to him, said 'Hi', and shot him at point blank range.

3rd Assassination

Time of Kill: 20:02 Friday June 4th
Victim: Birdbrain
Assassin: Beardless
Location: South College Street
Weapon: Water Carbine
Witnesses: Randoms

Birdbrain had just finished work for the day - emerging from the BT building he was confronted by Beardless. Birdbrain lived in constant fear of assassination and was carrying a pistol at the time. Beardless had his lethal, long range 'water carbine' in his jacket, and announced 'You know what's going to happen'. (or words to that effect). Had Birdbrain been less ditzy, he might have been able to kill Beardless before he had drawn his weapon. Instead he fled like a chicken ... Beardless gave chase, diving across the road infront of traffic ... by this point he was at a range where he could easily pick off Birdbrain, while out of range of his target's pistol. Several shots to the back shattered Birdbrain's spine and left him dead on the pavement.

4th and 5th Assassinations

Time of Kill: 23:15 Friday June 4th
Victim: Bumnut / This Idle Man
Assassin: Crouching Hippy Hidden Duck
Location: Blockbuster, George Street
Weapon: Dart Gun
Witnesses: Sidearm

On a quiet street corner in Aberdeen's attractive George Street neighbourhood, Bumnut chanced upon This Idle Man, Sidearm, and Crouching Hippy Hidden Duck. This Idle Man was his target, but in a fatal case of bad planning, Bumnut had forgot to load his weapon - thus could do nothing other than cheerily greet his target. Unfortunately for the hapless Bumnut, he was marked for termination by CHHD and was shot to death by some sort of lethal dart gun. The Hippy's next target was This Idle Man - a quick draw situation ensued, and nobody could be sure who had killed who. It appeared that This Idle Man fired first, but despite finding several stains on the Hippy's clothes, none of them seemed damp. The lethal wound inflicted by the dart gun however could not be disputed, and This Idle Man became the second victim of the Hippy's killing spree.

6th Assassination

Time of Kill: Early evening, Saturday June 5th
Victim: The Clap
Assassin: Crouching Hippy Hidden Duck
Location: ???
Weapon: ???
Witnesses: ???

Crouching Hippy Hidden Duck killed The Clap - no details submitted.

Running Points Total As of 12:00 Monday 7th June

Crouching Hippy Hidden Duck = 82 (or 84 depending on how 'The Clap' was killed
Beardless = 18
The Clap = 14
This Idle Man = 12
Birdbrain = 8
Madame Butterfly = 4
Sidearm = 4
Poison Kitty = 4
Nasty Kitty = 4
Cabinet Killer = 4
Bumnut = 2
Mike 'The Hype' Lowrey = 2
Desolation Doll = 0