These are all older works, but perhaps the extra exposure might encourage me to do more. Please feel free to e-mail me with any comments / criticisms.
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2009 and I'm mostly doing promotion - mostly. If anybody wants anything promoting, then feel free to ask .
2004, and I'm finally doing something creative again. 'Darling I'm Dying' is a sort of Livejournal based online comic .. I'm doing everything I can to update it every day, although how long I can keep that up is another matter. Click the pic if you want to read it - bearing in mind that you've got to start from the beginning, and that's going to take a while to load.
The Necropolis Chess Set is a colaboration between myself and Dawn. I'd say that I'm more proud of my work on this than anything else I've done. I designed a website to showcase the pieces which can be seen by clicking the image to the left.
If there's one main goal behind my artistic efforts, it's been to somehow understand the aesthetics of organic structures - then to fuse these together in new and interesting ways. This drawing took many months to complete as I became more and more obsessed with detail and shadowing. Looking back I'm not happy with composition of the picture - the detail seems to get swallowed up amongst too many writhing eyes and limbs so no particular feature stands out. But it does represent my most ambitious attempt so far at creating a visual representation of my ideas.
For most of the 90's I was living in a house with no bath / hot water supply, and an outside toilet ... the wall above the toilet was a mess of cracked, crumbling plaster, and over the years the shapes on the wall came to look more and more like a picture to me, as my imagination filled in the gaps. This image was an effort to flesh out the idea further, and just about everything in it was present on the wall. The tube around the neck of the Queenlike figure to the left was a pipe protruding from the plaster, the plain bar along the bottom of the picture was a wooden beam, and the little foetal creature on it was a mark on the paintwork.
This was a small picture I did for my my father's birthday. Thinking back, I'm not too sure what thought processes were going on there, although I feel that my general feelings of unease about the reproductive process are reflected within the picture.
Although unfinished, this is one of my favourite drawings. Dawn had bought me this old (1944) book on 'How to Draw Hands', and I was doing many sketches in an attempt to master them. The fly winged skeletal aspect at the top was based upon a toy I had - a skeleton which could fold up inside it's own ribcage.
Something new at last! But I don't think it can be called 'Art'. The 'Ambition' picture above took me months to complete. And exists in reality. This took about an hour to sketch, and was then fed through Photoshop filters till I liked it. I don't think it's a worthy addition to this page but it's probably the way of the future, because I simply don't have that much spare time anymore. What does it mean? Nothing at all! - It's just two ornaments from my room thrown together. Dedicated to Mo for encouraging me to draw again.
I simply can't imagine having the time to embark upon any serious artwork .. but in the meantime I'm grabbing the chance to do the occasional drawing. Experimenting with a cartoonlike style. Click the pic for a selection of stuff that I've done for myself or other people.
Please nobody take any of my so called 'music' seriously. I love music but have zero talent! Still doesn't stop me trying though - click the pic for the all new music section.

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