Friend's Homepages

Beth's corner of the web. Corsets, Artwork, Biro Girl, and the AMAZING "Free The Bee"!!!

My friend Grant's website. Great site with some wonderful photography .. much better than the party snaps you'll find on my pages! "Present day, Present time. Hahahaha"

Marianne's Repute
No updates since 2001, but Marianne's site was the inspiration behind mine.

Not quite sure what it's all about yet. But booze features prominantly, and Eggatron's animations appear on Newgrounds.

The gorgeous Toriana's website is here at last, and it's well worth the wait. Go visit ... NOW!!

My Other Sites

Xenophon - *love*

Necropolis Chess Pieces. Order yours now, to beat the Christmas rush :)

Assassins! Otherwise known as 'how to get 18 of your friends to kill each other in 36 hours".

Assassins 2: The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. More blood and guts.

Assassins 3: An exercise in apathy.

OK! This is really sad I know .. but long ago I had this big crush on an Italian Kids TV presenter - and made this sickly sweet webpage. It's the only Elisabetta Ferracini site on the net, and although neglected for years it still gets zillions more hits than the 'Jimsin' site.


Mark Ryden
Amazing artist - follow the link and you won't be disappointed.

Trevor Brown's webpage. Ubercool artwork, and awesome links page. Needs to be seen to be believed.

Fun Stuff

Goth Goose of the Week
I think there's a bit of goose in everybody, but this is still the funniest site I've ever seen. Pitty the updates seem to have dried up.

Mainframe Entertainment
Creators of ReBoot, the groundbreaking animation that I love so dearly!

The Best Page In The Universe
Here's somebody with a lot to say for himself. The bit about being a better artist than your kids is particularly entertaining.

Sissyfight 2000
The ultimate power struggle. Have you got what it takes to be the most popular girl in the playground?


Killing Joke
Soundtrack to my life.

They are no ordinary type of group. They are no humble pop musicians, and they are not here to please you.

Queen Adreena
My faith in live music has been restored.

They are made from IRON, PLASTIC and PVC. I love them!!


"They mostly come out at night .... mostly".

It's all about Aberdeen Music dont you know.

Great night, and improved website (albeit in a generic "professional webdesigner" kinda way).


Dead At Last
Fascinating glimpse into the Japanese Goth scene.

Shin Cup
Food bores me! Except for 'Shin Cup' - Is it made out of shins? Who knows? It's so spicy there could be anything in there! I haven't looked properly, but this is the Shin Cup community - you can even play Shin Cup games and stuff! Yay!

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