Well there's not a great deal to tell. I'm 36, everybody who meets me thinks I'm gay, but I'm not. I live in a small flat in Aberdeen and work part time taking shit from people over the telephone. My flatmate Dawn tells me that (according to her "More Magazine") I'm suffering from "Burnout" - that's what happens when you escape from all the problems in your life by going out clubbing every night. I prefer to think that I just love clubbing, but what do I know?
So you'll usually find me at Aberdeen's Palace substitute nightclub "Moshulu" on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. And it's a safe bet that I'll be at Elizium for a fortnightly fix of Goth / industrial dance action. That should leave me with 3-4 nights free each week, but something interesting always seems to crop up... I guess I'm just a boy who can't say 'no'.
I don't have a great deal of time for interests, but somehow I manage to squeeze them in somewhere. I love music, and am very passionate about it at the moment since I started downloading MP3s. I don't watch much television, but I love films. I'm particularly partial to anything Japanese, and anything with zombies and films with Japanese zombies are best of all!
I love to read, but I never have the time. And I suffer from a terribly short attention span - seriously, it's a miracle I've written this much in one go! So books with pictures are best, and the Internet is better still. I think I'm trying to say that I like art, but without actually saying "I like art". But now I've said it twice, so that was a bit of a failure.
I'm supremely under ambitious - I love my lifestyle, and I love my friends - so its difficult to find the motivation to work for something else, when I've got everything I want already. On that subject, I guess I know a lot of people who I would like to think of as my friends. No point in making some sort of list here, but you are the people who make my life worth living.
Anyway - this excuse for a website has been stagnating here for a couple of years with very little content, and no updates. Hopefully I'll get round to making it more interesting over the next few months. I want to add some sort of news section, an area where I can rant about stuff that's important until I forget about it. More photos coz I have millions, and who knows I might even get some more art up here for you to feast your eyes on. In the meantime, go check out the new 'Baby Art Website' on my links page. It's too cool for words.

Jimsin: 6th October 2002

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