Well here's where the 'music' is kept. So hit the back button, or grab your earplugs and start downloading. That's a right click and 'save target as' kinda thing.

March Of The Geese: MP3 1.87MB
This delightful little tune was the first 'music' I ever wrote. It's not like anything I'd listen to myself, but I guess I'm quite pleased with the way that the instruments combine and flow. I actually had lyrics for this one, it started off with "I like the smell of flowers, I like the taste of cheese, but the thing that I love most is the marching of the geese ... " Fortunately I don't know how to add vocals, so you don't have to suffer my singing.

Lost Hallway: MP3 1.33MB
This second attempt isn't as technical or complete, but it's more atmospheric. Combines miserable empty violins with lame eighties drum machine sound.

One Thousand Banners: MP3 1.98MB
This one isn't finished yet, I really like the 'orchestral' parts .. but the drums are weak, and there isn't enough variation. Needs a whole new section to be added somewhere, but I've been trying for ages and can't come up with anything that I like enough. Suggestions welcome.

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