29th March 2003: I'm really enjoying the Livejournal, having people read and comment on what you are writing makes it feel more worthwhile. Since it covers pretty much the same ground there's little point in me updating this page in the immediate future. I'm leaving the page here for the earlier entries, but Jimsin news is here from now on.

12th March 2003: Took a short break from clubbing, and what happens? A Livejournal . Can't tell if I'll get into it or not, but could be useful for introspective public babbling. I'll see how it goes.
Not much in the way of News meantime. Spent most of last week working on Humpty Dumpty costume for Sheena's birthday party. I'm sure I'll be updating with photos in the next couple of days coz I was kinda proud of it ... Haha! - "Pride comes before the fall" - appropriate phrase for the precarious egg.
Had such a good laugh visiting Francesca in Edinburgh on Saturday .. she suggested I try to get into this club "The Egg" dressed as one. I gave it a go, announcing that "I AM THE EGG!!", and it worked! Think I could maybe save myself a fortune if I started wearing it everywhere, but people would talk.

2nd January 2003: Ooops! It was kinda nice that I received my January pay on December 20th .. but not so good that I'd spent it all before the end of the month. The wolf is well and truly at the door, and unless I can quickly sell some stuff on ebay, then I'll be out of the loop for the next few weeks. If I'm not back by February, then send a search party to my house. No doubt they'll find my emaciated body hunched over a can of economy beans or something. Oh well, it's my own stupid fault for not planning ahead. Maybe I'll learn from my mistake - there's a first time for everything!

18th December 2002: Back from London! Well the streets weren't paved with gold, I didn't frighten any mice, but I did have a deleriously good time. Many thanks to Beth and Mike for showing me around Soho, and allowing me to crash out in your living room. Finally met Marianne and Robert for two nights of vodka fuelled clubbing - love you guys!!! Saw Bodyworlds with a hangover - the most amazing exhibition I have seen, or am ever likely to. Met up with Emily ("DEATH TO THOSE WHO SUPPORT MAINSTREAM CINEMA!!") in Edinburgh on Saturday for the "Legendary" night out, terminating at "The Nightmare Afore Xmas" Goth Ball. Then it was back to Aberdeen, but not before participating in the first ever "Tabby Throwing" competition. Surely to become an Olympic sport within my lifetime. "Saucy" & "The Mudd Club" were a bit of a blur .. and it's only now that I've managed to grab a few hours to think about this poor neglected website. A few updates planned - mainly photographs and links, but hopefully some more art (Thanks to the encouragement of Mo and Marion). I see the "Trevor Brown Look-Alike Contest" now has some much cooler, sexier entrants than my good self - but at least I know that I was the first!

2nd December 2002: Fame! Bright lights! Stardom! Well maybe not quite - but I was very happy to receive an e-mail from Trevor Brown. I'm now the first, (and quite possibly the last) entrant in the amazing "Trevor Brown Art Look-Alike Contest." (there was a link here, but now it is dead).
Ok, so there are no rules, no winners, and no prizes .... but that isn't stopping me from working on a speech! Anyway, In the unlikely event that somebody actually reads this, then why not enter this fabulous contest yourself? Go on! You know you want to.

2nd November 2002: Well Halloween might not be your idea of 'news', but it's my favourite time of year - so it's news for me! Not content with one night, I went for a three day 'Halloweenathon' .... Thursday night was spent at The Rocky Horror Show / Caged, dressed as a nurse (from Trevor Brown's painting 'Mosquito').Went to Bondage as a Zombie on Friday, then the nurse made a comeback on Saturday for Elizium. Discovered that more people want to speak to Nurses than Zombies, maybe because you don't get covered in blood if you get too close to a nurse (usually).
Elizium was the best fun , discovering the squirting potential of the syringe resulted in a series of water fights. Must have been more wet people in there than outside ... which was saying something considering the torrential rain that night.
Spent Sunday recovering and adding a new Halloween gallery to the site. Only 363 days to go till the next one!!

28th October 2002: Saw "Queen Adreena" at the Lemon Tree. Was completely overwhelmed by the intensity of it all. Katie Jane Garside puts across the most otherworldly demented aura - charging at members of the audience, alternatively smashing up, or contorting herself over a wooden chair, wraping the mic cable round her throat, or throwing red wine into the crowd. (Luckily I wasn't wearing my best white suit). The rest of the band were somewhat eclipsed by her presence, but the music sounded varied and original, and I'm looking forward to hearing the CD when I can afford it. I haven't witnessed anything close to such an exciting live performace for years, and would urge anybody who hasn't done so to go see them if they get the chance.
Oh ... and just incase anybody is interested, I took a photo which turned out quite well.

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