Pictures of yours truly, from the sultry spikey haired youth of yesteryear - to the sleek, shaven goggleheaded beast of today.

A gallery of some of my closest and bestest friends. (Arranged in no particular order I hasten to add).

Random snaphots - mainly of Aberdeen's wild and glittering nightlife in full flow.

Things that go bump in the night ... Halloween photos from the last few years.

My Funeral
This is the end. My beautiful friends, the end.

Amy's Flatwarming
There's Klingons on the starboard bow.

"This dreary world demands that I be idle with my progressive nature. They laugh at any attempt to be different. They laugh at me. Fools ... But there's a place I go to get away from that ... Its just a little nightclub and only open once a week, but I would live there if I could.
I practice my 'Mysterious' look before leaving ...."

Anne Gwish (JTHM: Jhonen Vasquez)

Once Upon A Time
"It was a long time ago, longer now than it seems ... A place that perhaps you have seen in your dreams".

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