I was looking through the hundreds of sketches I've done for Darling I'm Dying, and thought it was a shame that so many ideas never actually see the light of day - so here's a page with some of my pencil scribblings for anybody who's interested. Click on the thumbnails for full pictures.
Wingnut discovering Giblet after spending a week trapped in the kitchen cupboard with only bleach and rat poison on the menu (note the scratch marks on the inside of the door).
Sieglinde taking a draw of a Cigarette before entering 'Morning til Yawning' on her quest for catfood.
From the very first page of Darling I'm Dying sketches - Sieglinde reflects upon the joys of motherhood.
Found this from July 2003. Plan was that Sieglinde was a member of the secret police in this decaying futurecity besieged by Chthuloid spawn - it was going to be a Lovecraftian cyberpunk epic, but she ended up in DiD instead.