22nd December 2009
'Promotion' page added to 'Art'
Pic of Krusty added to 'Fun Stuff' page

25th March 2009
'Assassins 5' page added to links

3rd December 2006
'Amy's Flatwarming' Gallery added

26th September 2006
Wake photos added to 'My Funeral' gallery

29th August 2006
'My Funeral' gallery added

9th March 2005
'Favourite Things' updated

3rd November 2004
Halloween Gallery updated

29th July 2004
Added 5 new pictures of little old me.

26th April 2004
'Darling I'm Dying' added to 'Art' page

3rd March 2004
7 new pics in 'Elizium' gallery

16th January 2004
Some music links added

7th December 2003
New pics in 'friends' gallery
'Assassins' page added to links

3rd November 2003
Halloween Gallery doubled in size

21st August 2003
Pic of me with my showbiz wife, and hilarious captions added to 'Pick'n'Mix' page

14th August 2003
Music section added to 'Art' page
New pic of Dawny on 'friends' page

3rd June 2003
Pic of Ameth added to 'Fun Stuff' page

25th June 2003
"Fun Stuff" added to 'Art' page

9th June 2003
Blah blah blah - More pics in le gallerie d'Elizium e d'Amici

7th June 2003
4 New pics in 'Me' gallery

11th May 2003
Sissyfight 2000 Added to Links
New pic in 'Me' gallery
New graphic link to Elizium gallery

14th April 2003
Some new Links added
'Friends' gallery updated
''Pick'n'Mix' gallery updated

12th March 2003
News updated

2nd March 2003
'Once Upon A Time' gallery added
'Elizium' gallery updated
'Friends' gallery updated

27th February 2003
'About Me' page reworked
'Elizium' gallery updated

20th February 2003
Lovely Xmas picture of ME, added to the ME section (was bored)

13th January 2003
'Hip Baby' added to Art
'Dead at Last' added to Links

28th December 2002
'Pick'n'Mix' and 'Elizium' galleries updated

18th December 2002
News updated

2nd December 2002
News updated

2nd November 2002
'Halloween' and 'Pick'n'Mix galleries added
News updated
'Friends' gallery updated

30th October 2002
'News' section added.

28th October 2002
New graphic headers added to main pages.

27th October 2002
Revamped links page - Reorganised and new graphic.
Added 'Marianne's Repute','Eggatron', 'Bettina Bettina', and 'Bondage' to links.

22nd October 2002
Replaced troublesome Guestbook V2

20th October 2002
Added 'Elizium' gallery.
Updated 'Friends' gallery.
Restructured 'Photographs' page.

8th October 2002
Finally wrote something about me in 'About Me' section.
Added 'The Baby Art Website' link.
Updated 'Favourite Things' and moved to separate page.

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